Laptops Buying Guide

Purchasing a HP Laptop

There's a lot to consider when shopping for a new HP laptop.  Always bear in mind the following when assessing your options:

  • Shop for a laptop that suits your needs and how you are going to use it - Business, school, graphic design etc.
  • Make sure the HP laptop you choose can run the software you want to use, such as Accounting software, CAD software etc. Always check system specifications and your software requirements in advance.

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Laptop Basics

Understanding Computer Hardware

Understanding Computer Hardware

Laptops are made up of different components. While these can impact performance, other factors such as display and weight also play a role. The basic components of a laptop are: 

  • Processor: The brain of the computer and responsible for every single action. Speed is the key performance indicator and it is measured in GHz. Modern processors also have cores (separate brains) that help them process multiple tasks.
  • RAM: RAM (Random Access Memory) is often referred to simply as memory and is measured in gigabytes. It speeds up tasks by making recently used files readily accessible to the processor. The more RAM you have, the more files your processor has access to at once.
  • Hard Drive: Files and programs are stored on a computer's hard drive. As with RAM hard drive size is measured in gigabytes. They come as Hard Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD), the smaller and faster alternative.
  • Graphics Card: A Graphics Card (GPU) determines how well your PC can handle things like playing games and editing home movies. Graphics Cards also use Memory (like the RAM in your computer) that is measured in gigabytes.

Understanding Computer Software

Understanding Computer Software

Software are the tools that allow you to do tasks like create emails, search the internet, edit and view photos. The most important piece of software on any computer is the operating system (OS). The operating system is the interface through which all tasks are performed. The most common operating systems is Windows.

  • All other software allows you to make your computer perform specific tasks. For example, video editing software enables you to compile and enhance your footage with a few simple commands like mouse clicks and key strokes.
  • Software on mobile devices is referred to as apps or applications.

Laptops Form Factor



Convertible HP laptop is also known as HP x360 laptop because of its flexible hinge that gives it the ability to be flipped and rotated up to 360-degree. Convertible is designed with touchscreen display and four working modes, so you can use it as a traditional laptop, and also flip it into tent-mode, stand-mode or tablet mode to suit your activities, whether by using touch gestures or digital pen.

  • Equipped with various Intel processor and RAM. The most basic convertible laptop is fitted with Intel Core i3 and 4 GB of RAM. Higher end convertible laptops are usually equipped with Intel Core i5 or Core i7, and 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM.
  • Convertibles are designed to be ultra slim and lightweight, despite being powerful laptops, they do not compensate your comfort and mobility.
  • The touchscreen display allows you to work using touch gestures as well as digital pen.

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Clam Shell or Standard

Clam shell

Standard or clamshell is the traditional and most common laptop form consisting of computer screen on the upper lid and alphanumerical keyboard on the bottom lid. While standard HP laptop usually has limited hinge flexibility, there are also models that offer up to 180-degree hinge. Some of the latest models also come with touchscreen display.

  • Equipped with various Intel or AMD processor to suit your usage needs. Entry level HP laptops usually come with 4GB of RAM that is sufficient for daily tasks of browsing the internet and checking emails, as well as working with basic software like Microsoft Office.
  • If you want a laptop for serious working and entertainment, go for one that is equipped with quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM to ensure to get smooth and seamless performance.
  • Most laptops come with LAN port, audio jack, several USB ports and an HDMI output so you can connect external devices to your computer.

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Detachable or 2-in-1 HP laptop packs all the main components in the display part, giving it the ability to be transformed into a tablet with its touchscreen display and keyboard detachment mechanism, in which you can choose whether to equip the hardware keyboard or use it in tablet mode. It’s also designed to be thin and lightweight for mobility.

  • Fitted with Intel Core m processor that promises long battery life while still being powerful so you can keep working on your tablet wherever you go.
  • Available with Windows 10 OS that is designed to work well with touchscreen function to give you the laptop experience even while in tablet mode.

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Laptop Accessories

Bags, Cases & Sleeves

Cases & Covers

Protect your HP laptop by purchasing a case, sleeve or a cover. Such equipment will safeguard your laptop against impact and accidental damage.

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Cables and Adapters

The right cables and adapters allow your HP laptop to be connected to other devices and screens, helping you get the most out of your device.

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Mice & Keyboards

Mice & Keyboard

Add mice and keyboard to make working easier and give you the feel of using a desktop. Go for slim keyboard and wireless mice for a neat looking space.

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