Desktops Buying Guide

Purchasing a HP Desktop

There's a lot to consider when shopping for a new HP desktop.  Always bear in mind the following when assessing your options:

  • Shop for a desktop that suits your needs and how you are going to use it - Business, school, graphic design etc.
  • Make sure the HP desktop you choose can run the software you want to use, such as Accounting software, CAD software etc. Always check system specifications and your software requirements in advance.

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Desktop Basics

Understanding Computer Hardware

Desktops are made up of different components. While these can impact performance, other factors such as display and weight also play a role. The basic components of a desktop are: 

  • Processor: The brain of the computer and responsible for every single action. Speed is the key performance indicator and it is measured in GHz. Modern processors also have cores (separate brains) that help them process multiple tasks.
  • RAM: RAM (Random Access Memory) is often referred to simply as memory and is measured in gigabytes. It speeds up tasks by making recently used files readily accessible to the processor. The more RAM you have, the more files your processor has access to at once.
  • Hard Drive: Files and programs are stored on a computer's hard drive. As with RAM hard drive size is measured in gigabytes. They come as Hard Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD), the smaller and faster alternative.
  • Graphics Card: A Graphics Card (GPU) determines how well your PC can handle things like playing games and editing home movies. Graphics Cards also use Memory (like the RAM in your computer) that is measured in gigabytes.

Understanding Computer Software

Understanding Computer Software

Software are the tools that allow you to do tasks like create emails, search the internet, edit and view photos.

  • The most important piece of software on any computer is the operating system (OS). The operating system is the interface through which all tasks are performed. The most common operating systems is Windows.
  • All other software allows you to make your computer perform specific tasks. For example, video editing software enables you to compile and enhance your footage with a few simple commands like mouse clicks and key strokes.

Desktops Form Factor



If space is not an issue, HP desktop offers plenty of room for expansion and upgradability according to your needs and budget. The standard setup consists of the tower (CPU), monitor, keyboard and mice, with add-on accessories, such as speakers and webcams. Whether for home or office use, HP desktop is sufficient for basic and straightforward daily tasks, as it is also considered budget-friendly.

  • Most HP desktops are equipped with Intel processors and come with the minimum of 500GB of storage. You can easily upgrade storage space by adding new internal hard drive into the tower or plugging in an external hard drive via the USB port.
  • For more advanced functions such as for gaming or multimedia, tower components can be easily customized from time to time, making it very practical for those who constantly want the best in speed and performance in their entertainment and work.
  • You will need to separately purchase monitor, as well as keyboard and mice, to completely setup your desktop. Audio speaker or headset is an optional add-on, but would be useful for entertainment, conference calls, games, etc.

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If you want a HP desktop with sophisticated design, the all-in-one features the computer components packed in the back of the monitor and can be easily set up with just one plug. HP All-in-one desktop is generally slim, making it perfect for a small work space and much more convenient to move around anywhere. You will need to add USB keyboard and mice to the system, which are usually included together when you purchase the HP All-in-One desktop.

  • Most HP All-in-One desktops are equipped with Intel processors and at least 1TB of storage. They also come in various sizes of display, which ranges between 20in up to 34in. Some HP All-in-One desktops come with touchscreen functionality.
  • All-in-One desktop can’t be easily upgraded like the standard tower desktop, but there are plenty of choices in terms of performance so you can always find a machine that suits your long-term needs.
  • High-performance internal speakers are built in the system, but there is also a microphone/headphone jack if you choose to use your audio speaker or headset.

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Mini and Small Form Factor

Mini and Small

Mini and small form factor HP desktops are perfect for those who have limited space for a full-sized tower or those who wants a smaller foot print in a high-powered desktop. It's compact and sleek but packed with impressive technologies to keep your everyday tasks up-to-date without the bulk and excess weight.

  • Flexible as well as easy to set up and use. Equipped with various Intel and AMD processors to suit your working needs.
  • Small Form factor HP desktop such as the Thin Client comes with HP’s exclusive software to boost your productivity and enhance user experience.
  • Mini tower like HP Z2 Mini workstation are engineered and certified for the most popular CAD software.
  • You will need to purchase monitor, keyboard and mice, and audio speaker or headset to complete your system.

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Desktop Accessories



Pair your HP desktop with an impressive display. LED backlit and IPS panel with HD or Full HD resolution will ensure you get the best viewing quality.

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Mice & Keyboards

Mice & Keyboard

Mice and keyboard are essential for working with your HP desktop. Go for slim keyboard and wireless mice for a neat looking space.

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Speakers & Audio

Speakers & Audio

Speaker and headset will enhance the audio quality so you can enjoy music, get clarity during conference calls, and immersive gaming and entertainment experience.

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